Alaskan Tour Guides

Alaskan Tour Guides

Tour Policies and Need to Know

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We want everyone to have the best possible travel experience, and you as an individual have a role to play in that. Please read these important tour policies carefully.

Please understand that we cannot waive our policies, and we will enforce the rules of conduct for small group travel.

Tour Policies In Brief

  • Cancellations after the final payment date are non-refundable.
  • Changes to activities or lodging after the final payment date are subject to a fee.
  • Name changes after the final payment date are subject to approval and a fee.
  • If you are in a private group, cancellations by individual members are subject to fees.
  • Optional excursions require advance reservations and cancellations are subject to a fee.
  • Missed activities are non-refundable.
  • If you become ill or need to depart the tour early, you will be responsible for your own transportation and accommodation costs.
  • Disruptive behavior will result in removal from the tour at your own expense.
  • Contact the office if you have any problems during the tour.

In Detail:

  • Cancellation policies are strictly adhered to regardless of circumstance.
  • Cancellation in whole or in part after the final payment date is subject to full penalty of cost. Cancellation prior to the final payment date is subject to 5% of the total tour cost as processing penalty. Tour payments may not be transferred to other travelers or group members in whole or in part. Late cancellations are 100% non-refundable.
  • Tour dates cannot be changed. To change a date one must first cancel the original tour date, subject to all penalties and fees. Then re-book a new date, subject to policy.
  • Changes in ANY activity or lodging reservations after the final payment date are subject to a fee equal to 10% of total change cost or $100 per change, which ever is higher. This includes added excursions and hotels.
  • Name changes after the final payment date are subject to approval AND a fee equal to 10% of cost of any activities or lodgings changed.
  • Any undisclosed individual traveler limitations, physical or medical, that interfere with or impede the tour schedule may be canceled without notice or reimbursement by Alaskan Tour Guides. Open Group Tours requires all passengers to be able to walk unassisted – no wheelchairs or walkers are accommodated.
  • IF you are a private tour group, the number of passengers is directly related to the tour rate. If someone in your private group cancels prior to the final payment date, they are subject to cancel fees as stated in your sales agreement and the remainder of travelers are obligated to pay an increase in tour rate to retain the tour reservations, or all forfeit at a 10% penalty. If any group member cancels after the final payment date, they are subject to cancel fees as stated in the tour sales document (which is nonrefundable) and there are no increases in costs to the remaining travelers. No tour costs for cancelled travelers may be assumed or used by the remaining group members.
  • Your itinerary may suggest Optional excursions in different locations. Advance reservations are highly recommended and must be made in advance of the final payment date. Added costs are invoiced and charged with the final tour payment. We strive to make every travelers request a reality. However, late reservations are difficult to arrange and not always available. Cancellations of added activity are subject to penalty.
  • If your flight is delayed and you arrive too late to check into your hotel, you will not be able to get a refund for the unused hotel night.  This includes any added hotel nights booked through ATG.  
  • Any missed activity on the traveler’s part, for any reason, is non-refundable. This includes, but is not limited to, missed activities due to illness, inclement weather, or personal reasons.
  • If a traveler becomes ill during the tour, the tour company will assess the situation and make a decision about whether or not the traveler needs to depart. If the tour company decides that the traveler needs to depart, the traveler will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs.
  • If a traveler decides to depart from the tour for any reason, they will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs.

Rules of Conduct

ATG respects every travelers investment in their vacation.  Travelers should be respectful of one another and their time.  Travelers who are disruptive to the tour schedule or program, and confrontational or rude to other travelers, the guide or our suppliers will be required to leave the tour at their own expense.  This is after all a vacation, to be enjoyed by all who signed up. 

Please pack your patience. Alaska, like many other places, is experiencing a shortage of service staff after the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who are working are doing their best to cover for those who are not, but this can lead to extra time and inconveniences. ATG is frontline and will do their best to ensure smooth interactions.

If you are having difficulties with any aspect of the tour, we encourage you to contact the main office for a resolution while traveling.  There is often little we can do after the fact.