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Alaskan Tour Guides FAQs

How do I book my tour?

Please refer to our Info Center main page for more information on how to book. Call us at 1-907-746-1438 or, email us at if you have questions.

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Do you handle cruise/ flight arrangements?

Alaskan Tour Guides is a licensed and insured Alaska land tour operator. We cannot handle air or cruise travel like a travel agency. Flights should arrive and depart from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC). Most major airlines (or one of their partners) offer service to and from Anchorage.

Do you work with travel agents?

We work with travel agents, as long as the client has not previously contacted us on their own.  More information is available on our travel agent page.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by check or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Check payments receive a 2% discount. If you are planning to pay by credit card in order to receive travel rewards, check with your credit card company first. Our merchant classification identification code does not qualify for all travel rewards.

Do you offer travel insurance?

Alaskan Tour Guides does not supply or sell travel insurance however, we do strongly recommend it. There are a number of reasons why your trip could be affected and the cancellation policies are strictly adhered to. A delay of arrival or early departure not only affects cost with the loss from what has been missed but, also can result in additional expenses to connect with or depart from the tour group. Those costs are the responsibility of the traveler and can add up quickly when dealing with Alaska. Visit our travel insurance page for more information.

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What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations are required to be submitted in writing. Any cancellation up to 90 days in advance of the tour start date is subject to a fee of 5% of full tour amount. Any cancellations made 90 days or less in advance of tour start date are non-refundable.

Is it possible to transfer my tour to a different date?

Tour dates cannot be changed. To change a date one must first cancel the original tour date, subject to all penalties and fees. Then re-book a new date, subject to policy.

What if part of our group cancels?

For our Small Group Tour dates you join into, cancel fees as stated in your sales document apply. IF you are a private tour group, the tour rate is directly related to the number of passengers. If someone in your private group cancels, they are subject to cancel fees as stated in your sales agreement and the remainder of travelers are obligated to pay an increase in tour rate to retain the tour reservations. If a group member cancels with less than 90 days notice, they are subject to cancel fees as stated in the tour sales document (which is non-refundable) and there are no increases in costs to the remaining travelers.

What are your office hours?

Our year-round office hours are 9am-5pm Alaska time, Mondays – Fridays. During the busy summer season, we are also open on the weekends.

Do you accommodate solo travelers?

Independent travelers are a regular occurence, and more than welcome to join our group tours.  There is a single-occupancy rate to cover the cost of accommodations, and ATG does not assist guests in finding travel partners/roommates.

When is the best time to visit Alaska?

Alaskan Tour Guides offers small group tours with dates of travel between mid May and mid September. The peak time of travel is the months of June, July and August. Each month tends to highlight something special about that time of year. The beginning to midpoint of the tourist season offer the chance to enjoy Alaska’s famously long daylight hours. Early in the season is generally the less crowded time to visit Alaska, with more mountaintops still covered in winter snow, and the chance to spot newborn wildlife. The middle portion of the season has a larger variety of foliage, and the likelihood of warmer temperatures and clear skies. The later portion of the year highlights animals fattening up for winter, with late August to September providing the darkness required to have a chance at viewing northern lights.

Can I add extra hotel nights before or after the guided portion of my tour?

ATG highly recommends that you add an additional day in Anchorage onto the beginning of your Alaska visit in order to decrease the risk of canceled or delayed flights affecting the guided portion of your tour.  Additional hotel nights at the Dimond Center Hotel can be added through our guest resource center after initial tour booking.  Additional nights do not include breakfast.

Do any of your tours travel to Fairbanks?

ATG tours do not travel to Fairbanks.  Years ago, some of our tours did include a visit to Fairbanks, but past tour guests’ recommendations convinced us to remove this option.  Fairbanks has limited attractions, mostly built for large groups of cruise ship tourists.   For the short amount of time that most travelers spend in Alaska, there are many other highlights to focus on.  

Do you offer any winter tours?

ATG conducts tours from May through September, and does not offer winter tour options.  The winter months offer far less daylight with which to enjoy the sights, and the weather/ road conditions are less predictable.  Additionally, most local attractions and facilities are either closed, or made less accessible during the off-season.

Do you offer cruise transfers?

While we don’t offer single-day cruise transfers, we do have multi-day private tour packages that can be added pre or post cruise with drop-off or pickup at the cruise ports of either Whittier or Seward. For those on one of our mixed group tours, we can provide (dependent on availability) pre or post cruise transportation to Whittier or Seward through our suppliers.

Do you offer self-guided tours?

We provide guided tour packages only. The tour package includes the driver/guide, bus, accommodations, planning, and specified activities.

Do you offer a tour that includes all of Alaska’s National Parks?

Our tours visit 2 Alaska National Parks – Denali & Kenai Fjords NP.  In addition, we offer optional excursions either before or after your tour that can visit Lake Clark or Katmai NP (dependent on time of year & availability).  We do not include options for visiting Alaska’s other national parks.  Alaska has 8 national parks, covering over 41 million acres of land.  This is double the size of all national parks in the lower 48 combined. It is very difficult for any one company to cover such a large area, and nearly impossible for them to do it well.

Can my child join the tour? Are there certain activities they can’t participate in?

If you are interested in joining one of our mixed group tours, every member of your party must be aged 13 or older (unless otherwise specified). Certain activities have additional age restrictions and in general they are not waived. For private family tours, there is no age limit specified by Alaskan Tour Guides. Certain activities do still have age restrictions however, typically imposed on those 5 and under, which vary depending on situation. A select few activities also have a minimum weight or height requirement for safety reasons, regardless of age. In all cases, it is important for parents and guardians to know that children must pay attention and follow direction provided by the guides at all times. Some activities have inherent risk and we always consider safety first. ATG and all suppliers reserve the right to refuse a child from participating if we do not feel they can behave in a safe manner on any particular excursion.

What type of traveler signs up for your mixed group tours?

There is quite a bit of variety in our customers, with the majority being couples or other twosomes, and then a good amount of either solo travelers or family/friend groups of 4-6. There’s a wide range of ages, with an age requirement of 13 and older for our mixed group tours (unless otherwise specified). Travelers should be able to walk unassisted (at least a city block and up a few stairs), and in good medical condition in order to participate in our small group tours.

Is there easy access to restrooms?

Alaskan Tour Guides’ buses do not have a restroom on board. On travel days, ATG tours will visit a rest stop in route at least once every 2 hours. The Alaska Railroad and the Kenai Fjords Cruise each have several restrooms on board. The Denali shuttle bus does not have a bathroom, but takes rest stops about every 90 minutes. Rafting, kayaking, and ziplining excursions can often take 3-4 hours before there is a chance for a bathroom break.

Is there flexibility to change our travel schedule?

Not without costs and some are major costs. It is best to get it figured out before you book your tour and travel. Having said that, there is some flexibility in private tours that allows for last minute decisions and changes. As long as it does not cause you to miss a reserved tour activity. Any missed activities are non-refundable. 

What are the optional excursion choices available for my tour? How much are they?

Your itinerary may suggest options for excursions in different locations. Advance reservations are required to be made by the 90 day final payment date. Added costs are invoiced and charged with the final tour payment. While we strive to make every traveler’s request a reality, late reservations are difficult to arrange and rarely available. There are additional excursions in most areas beyond those that are listed in our optional excursion information page. Please check with the ATG office staff before independently booking an added excursion to ensure that the date and time of activity will fit into tour schedule. If an activity is booked independently and/or not through our supplier, traveler is responsible for transportation to and from activity. ATG guide will help if available, but not promised. Prices posted are per person for the season indicated, and subject to rate hikes for future touring seasons.

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Is tipping included?

Gratuities are customary in Alaska, never mandatory. Travelers frequently find that ATG guides go above and beyond to accommodate requests, to show added highlights, or spend extended time. When you discover this exemplary Alaskan hospitality, it is customarily ‘rewarded’ with a gratuity. ATG Guides often go far beyond expectations and on average receive $100 – $200 or more from each traveler on our tours.

Do hotel rooms include private bathrooms?

Yes. All hotel rooms offered on our tours include a private bathroom.

Will I see bears?

Many visitors to Alaska have the dream of seeing a bear catching a salmon in a stream. These sightings are rare unless you add a bear viewing tour to fly out to the specific locations with better possibilities. Even there, not all dates are ideal. Bear sightings on Alaskan Tour Guides land tours are most likely to happen in Denali National Park while riding the shuttle bus into the park. However, this is Alaska and chance possibilities do exist around any corner.

Will I see other wildlife?

While we can never guarantee wildlife sightings, Alaska Tour guides trips are designed to visit the National Park areas known for their rich wildlife habitat. Common sightings in Kenai Fjords National Parks include many varied shorebirds, otters, harbor seals, porpoises and whales of varied species, even land mammal sighting of goat and bear can be observed here. In Denali, we most often see dall sheep, caribou and moose. Possibilities of bear and wolf exist also. As we travel the road system, we stop where we know sightings are more common to watch out for any that presents itself.

Will there be mosquitos?

Mosquitos are jokingly known as the “state bird”. There’s more hype than what you are likely to experience. ATG does carry bug repellent in all of our vehicles, both deet-free and backwoods formula. We have a few head nets if you’re brave enough to wear the silly looking things.

Will I see the northern lights?

Not in May, June, July and most of August. There are a few necessities to see the Aurora. First being the dark skies, which is difficult with the long Alaska summer daylight hours. It may be possible to sight them in late August and September, when dark night skies appear again. Other conditions need to be present for viewing the Aurora such as – solar activity and clear skies. We do track the forecasts at the Geophysical Institute in Fairbanks as well as the local weather. If there is a chance, we notify our travelers to stay alert.

How is mealtime handled?

Not all tours include the cost of meals. Your itinerary will indicate which meals are included in the cost of the tour. When meals are included, they are either provided by the lodging or activity or paid for by your Alaskan Tour Guide at a predetermined restaurant. When meals are not included in the tour the passenger pays as you go. Your ATG guide will give local recommendations in each area and let you choose.

How do I accommodate my special diet?

Vegetarian diets are fairly easy to accommodate. Menu choices can sometimes be limited but there is usually something offered that meets vegetarian needs. Gluten and soy sensitivity is growing in awareness but still not always possible in many locations. Dining venues on group tours are planned, ATG is not able to change for special dietary needs. Travelers should plan to modify their order (without sauces or breading) and carry along specialty items, such as gluten and soy free foods, as options are quite limited in most of Alaska. Contact ATG with any special requests and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. All of our trips include a cooler that is available for guests to use throughout the trip.

When meals are included, what is included?

Some meals are set, like breakfast at the lodging or lunch with an activity. Other meals are at varied restaurants along the way. You get to order from the menu, a non alcohol beverage, and entree are included. Any extra choices including appetizers, side salads, alcohol are the travelers’ responsibility. “Market price menu items” are at an additional cost to the traveler.