Alaskan Tour Guides

Alaskan Tour Guides

Covid Safety for our Guests

Alaskan Tour Guides prioritizes the safety and health of our guests and staff above all else. We are taking all possible precautions to ensure a healthy and safe travel environment for our travelers and community. In addition, our guests have overwhelmingly expressed their preference for traveling with other vaccinated people.  

For these reasons, Alaskan Tour Guides requires all staff and tour guests for the 2022 season to be fully vaccinated. If you are not able to provide proof of vaccination, you will not be able to join the tour.

Travel Mandates

There are currently NO MANDATES for the State of Alaska. There are RECOMMENDATIONS only. Please do not confuse yourself with the State’s Travel Portal. If you are an ATG tour guest, we will keep you up to date on requirements.

If 2022 finds us with mandated restrictions (physical distancing, mask wearing and testing requirements) Alaskan Tour Guides plans to operate to the best of our ability within all updated travel mandates. We will abide by mandated restrictions during the travel season. All ATG guests will be expected to comply with mandates or forfeit their trip.


We have enhanced our already high standard of procedures in cleaning and disinfecting to include CDC standards and recommendations. Our guests start the day with a fully sanitized and equipped van. Highly used touch-points will be cleaned throughout the day at rest and activity stops by your driver-guide. At the end of the day, your van receives a deep cleaning and disinfection. Alaskan Tour Guides vans are equipped with EPA approved products: disinfectants and sterilization products such as; alcohol wipes, hand-sanitizers and UVC disinfecting wands. We will also have disposable masks, gloves, and a digital thermometer.

Our Tours

The Alaska tourism sector was hit particularly hard with the pandemic closures in 2020. During the 2020 tour season, we chose to suspend our tours because we felt it was in the customers’ best interest for us to do so. We knew that the unforeseen turn of events would cause significant impacts to our suppliers, and likely affect our ability to provide a tour that met ATG’s standards. In 2021, the various areas we visit were much more prepared to meet any possible challenges.

Many suppliers have made adjustments in order to maintain visitor experience to the best of their ability. Please understand that some of these changes might differ slightly and affect our tour itineraries from what was previously advertised. These small adaptations are beyond the control of ATG, but when necessary we will provide a suitable substitution or compensation.

Cancellation Policy – Cancellation notice must be received in writing and are subject to the following fees (per person):

  • Up to 91 days prior to departure: 5% of total tour rate is non-refundable
  • 90 days or less prior to departure: No refunds regardless of circumstance.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended. Find out more about travel insurance at:

Our team remains committed to the health and safety of our visitors. We will continue to monitor and adapt procedures in collaboration with local, state and federal organizations. ATG believes Alaska’s remarkable places, people and experiences inspire optimism and happiness. We look forward to once again helping our guests discover Alaskan hospitality.