Alaskan Tour Guides

Alaskan Tour Guides

Alaska Group Tours

Alaska Tours for Small Groups

Enjoy smaller Alaska group tours for an up-close and personal experience. Travel to Kenai Fjords National Park, Denali National Park, in-between and beyond. Explore glaciers, watch for wildlife, and take part in many activities from thrilling to mild. Don’t just see Alaska – discover, learn and experience it through Alaska group tour packages with Alaskan Tour Guides.

Inclusive Land Packages

If you’d rather not spend your vacation time waiting on other travelers or being herded through Alaska, you may prefer joining one of our Alaska small group tours. Be 1 in 13 rather than 1 in 100. Small group travel allows more time for your personal Alaska experience.

Join one of our mixed group tours! Many 2024 dates are available for 7 to 12 day inclusive tour packages. Trips feature deluxe transportation, lodging, activity and meals.

Alaskan Tour Guides

Our guides are all year-round residents who use their experience to educate and entertain throughout your travels on our Alaska small group land tours. They have interesting stories to tell about growing up or living in Alaska. Many of our reviews highly regard our guides’ knowledge and hospitality.

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Alaskan Tour Guides uses over 40 years of resident Alaskan experience to make your tour visit to Alaska one of your lifetime memories. We pay special attention to detail so each traveler can fully enjoy and appreciate the adventure, the spectacular views, the rich culture, and loads of fun. Small groups, and also our extensive knowledge and understanding of travel in Alaska go a long way in making the most of your visit. It allows us a greater flexibility to satisfy individual interests within the tour schedule. It enables us to stop, where most large coaches cannot, and to even turn around if needed, so wildlife viewing is made possible at every opportunity.

Custom Alaska Tours for Small Groups

For parties of 9 or more, we provide custom land tours for your private group travel. There is something for everyone — nature, wildlife, incredible sights and a long list of fun Alaska adventures. For many visitors, a tour of Alaska is a “once in a lifetime” journey. Let our resident Alaskans help you make it the best!