Alaskan Tour Guides

Alaskan Tour Guides

Reservation Request to Join an Alaska Tour

NOTE: This form is to be used when you are ready to secure your tour seats with a deposit. If you have questions or concerns, email us at: [email protected]

NOTE TO TRAVEL AGENTS!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT submit this form unless you are ready to pay deposits on your customers behalf right away. The customer information must be input with your agent info in the comments. We will send all correspodence through the agency but, the customer has to be signed up with their information and be ready to secure the seats with deposit.

Thank you for choosing to join us in Alaska and we promise to do our best towards making it an experience to remain in you best remembered vacations! Please provide us as much information as possible when requested and reach out to us anytime you

  • Passenger Details

    List names as shown on photo ID. Required for Alaska Railroad passage.
  • Emergency Contact

  • Rooming Needs

  • Special Considerations

  • Please note: All public places, restaurants, lodging and transportation, including ATG vans prohibit smoking.

  • Special Occasions

    Are any special occassions occurring during tour travel dates?