Alaskan Tour Guides

Alaskan Tour Guides

Reservation Request to Join an Alaska Tour

NOTE: This form is to be used when you are ready to secure your tour seats with a deposit. If you have questions or concerns, email us at:

NOTE TO TRAVEL AGENTS!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT submit this form unless you are prepared to make arrangements for the deposit payment on your customers behalf upon receiving tour agreement. The customer information must be input along with your agent info. Please put your agent information in the agent section. We will send all correspondence through the agency but, the customer must be registered with their personal information.

Thank you for choosing Alaskan Tour Guides and we promise to do our best towards making it an experience to remember! Please provide us with as much information as possible when requested and reach out to us anytime if you have questions.

  • This form is for those travelers who are ready to secure their tour seats with a 50% deposit. PLEASE do NOT use this form if you are requesting a price quote.

    If you are looking for a price quote, or have questions or concerns, contact us at: prior to filling out this booking form.
  • Travel Agent Information

  • Travel agents: select "yes" to reveal agent info section of form.
  • Commission will be made payable to agency.
  • Please provide full mailing address of host agency.
  • Required before reservation is able to be processed.
  • Lead Guest Information

    This should be the main contact for reservation. If there are multiple travelers paying SEPARATELY, each should fill out a separate booking form.
  • (If different from cell phone during travel)
  • Passenger Details

  • Emergency Contact

    This should be someone who will not be traveling with you.
  • Rooming Needs

    Note: Some hotels offer 2 queens as their only option, but we do our best to accommodate king bed requests when possible.
  • Indicate total # of rooms needed for group
  • Special Considerations

  • This information will help us better organize our reservations, most particularly in regards to rooming preferences. (E.g., Jane requires a room on the first floor, or close to an elevator.)
  • This question is for informational purposes only. Our meal plans utilize local restaurants and businesses, and we are not responsible for their preparation of food. We can provide transportation to a local grocery store in order for you to purchase any items needed to supplement your diet.
  • Please note: All public places, restaurants, lodging and transportation, including ATG vans prohibit smoking.

  • Special Occasions

    List celebrations ONLY if they occur during the dates of your tour.
  • Please mention traveler's name(s) in addition to the occasion.
  • Please list celebrations only if they occur during the tour.
  • Comments

  • Please share any additional information: e.g., list other members of your group that are booking separately, preferred nicknames rather than legal names listed above, etc.