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Small Coach Travel

Alaskan Tour Guides presents travelers with the ideal way to travel Alaska. ATG owns and operates Van Terra shuttle buses, a Turtle Top product developed to provide first class small coach travel with the ultimate comfort and maneuverability. Travelers are able to enjoy easy access to enter and exit the van with ample headroom and aisle passage. The Van Terra maneuvers like a van but has the stability of a dual rear wheel bus. Extended rear wheel stance with a full roll cage, styling, and quality construction make this our best choice for safe dependable transportation for our larger groups, all Small Group Tour departures that are part of Group to Join travel in these vehicles, as well as larger family groups.

ATG tours also tow a luggage trailer to accommodate luggage. No restrictions exist for luggage except we ask you to limit bag weights to under 50 lbs for handling assistance.


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These small buses feature leather captain chairs, with reclining options and adjustable armrests for better comfort in seating. All seats are forward facing and benefit from large, glare-tinted windows that provide amazing viewing opportunities of Alaska's amazing sights as you travel. Access is fully standing, with two steps up and a center aisle and a state of the art speaker system that ensures everyone can listen comfortably to guide narration. The vans also are equipped with air-conditioning for rare hot days in Alaska.

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VIP Transporation

ATG also owns and operates executive conversion vans for our smaller groups and families traveling with us. The ultimate in family travel. Seating up to 9 passengers with comfortable individual captain seating and overhead space for stand up access to seats further back. Plenty of storage, deluxe interior, central air and heat throughout the cabin with rear controls. Built with stabilitrak for safe dependable transportation.

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