Reservation Request to Join a 2020 Alaska Tour


NOTE: This form is to be used when you are ready to secure your tour seats with a deposit. If you have questions or concerns, email us at:


NOTE TO TRAVEL AGENTS!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT submit this form unless you are ready to pay deposits on your customers behalf right away. The customer information must be input with your agent info in the comments. We will send all correspodence through the agency but, the customer has to be signed up with their information and be ready to secure the seats with deposit.

Thank you for choosing to join us in Alaska and we promise to do our best towards making it an experience to remain in you best remembered vacations! Please provide us as much information as possible when requested and reach out to us anytime you

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    PASSENGER DETAILS: List names as shown on photo ID. Required for Alaska Railroad passage.








    Please note: All public places, restaurants, lodging and transportation, including ATG vans prohibit smoking.

    Are any special occassions occurring during tour travel dates?


    2020 TOUR to JOIN:


    PAYMENTS : A Deposit equal to 50% of the tour rate is required to confirm seats. The balance of the tour rate plus any added hotel nights or excursions is due and payable no later than 60 days in advance of the tour start date.

    CANCELLATIONS; Cancellations must be written. Any cancellation is charged a fee equals to 5% of the Deposit amount. For cancellation notices received 90 days or less in advance of tour start date, the trip costs are non-refundable, regardless of circumstance. Change or cancellation of activity is not allowed less than 90 days without penalties or forfeiture of funds. Name changes are not allowed less than 90 days without additional fees.

    LIABILITY: The passengers acknowledge and agrees to not hold liable Alaskan Tour Guides, Inc. forcircumstances beyond their control, such as weather, acts of God, and event cancellations which can cause possible delayor change in scheduled activities, nor hold Alaskan Tour Guides, Inc. liable for the actions of independent contractors,such as airliners, transporters, or lodging establishments. The passenger is still liable for costs of scheduled activities for which they voluntarily choose not to participate in without 90 day advance notice. The passenger should be of adequate physical capabilities for the tour they choose. Tours are not overly strenuous, yet it is the responsibility of the passenger to gauge their physical ability. Alaskan Tour Guides, Inc. is not liable for any costs of medical care or treatment of any kind. The passenger shall obtain all required parental/guardian releases, provide adequate insurance and assume responsibility for minors if minors are participating.

    INSURANCE: Travel Insurance is strongly advised. Alaskan Tour Guides does not sell travel insurance, please refer to this page for suggested information. Travel Insurance Info.


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